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Push3-Tempo Nudge (Live's Tempo nudge feature for P3)

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Need Live's Tempo Nudge control from Push3 and/or inside Push3 Standalone?

Here you go with this free M4L device. (Donation via pay-what-you-want is welcome, though 😉)

This device works with Push3 Standalone and Controller.

Place the device anywhere in your set (I recommend the Master track, or any Utilities track you might have).

Hold down the Select button, and push the Jogwheel to:

- the right to nudge the tempo up

- the left to nudge the tempo down

If you release the Select button before releasing the Jogwheel, the nudge will be "locked". You can take advantage of this (and just hold Select and push the Jogwheel again to unlock it), but if you want to avoid it just make sure that the last action is always the release of the Select button, so the order for e.g tempo up would be:

  1. Hold down the Select button
  2. push the Jogwheel to the right
  3. when you want to stop nudging, release the Jogwheel
  4. release the Select button

There's a "Init." button, use it in case the device stops working correctly.

Due to a P3/M4L bug, you need to use the current Live 11 and Push 3 beta minimum (L11.3.20bx), and/or the current Live 12 beta.

As usual, please use a valid email adress if you don't want to miss the device's updates (free forever). Also make sure that Gumroad emails don't go to the spams. And rate the device if you like it!

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Push3-Tempo Nudge (Live's Tempo nudge feature for P3)

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