ClipGain - Adjust clips gain, transpose and warp from the timeline!

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ClipGain - Adjust clips gain, transpose and warp from the timeline!

Valiumdupeuple - Useful, solid and unique M4L devices (quite ugly, though)
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What about clip gain, transpose, un/warp and change warp mode directly from the clip in the timeline? Or with shortcuts?

Sure! Simply use this device, ClipGain, oh yeah! MaxForLive is your friend, as always.

Let's Oversampled demonstrate it:

Just select the clip you want to adjust, press the key/midi you've mapped to the device, and a nice little window will pop-up right next to your mouse... that's the little pop-up window you're going to love. And it works in both Arrangement and Session view.

  • floating window to control the selected clip's gain, pitch and warp settings in the Arrangement timeline right under your mouse's location, without the need to reach for the detailed clip view.
  • shortcuts to quickly add/remove a user-defined amount of dB and semitones to the selected clip.
  • select individual Warp modes with key/midi shortcuts.
  • shortcut to un/warp the selected clip
  • shortcut to crop the selected midi clip in the piano roll (a bit like consolidate, but for midi editor/piano roll)

HOW TO: place the device anywhere (I recommend to place it on your Master track and then save as template), key/midi map the single button. That's it. The device works with the selected clip.

It's 3€, but you can give more if you feel like it deserves it.

Live 9 minimum (it should work with L8, but I didn't test) and a MaxForLive license is required.

Release notes:


- New key/midi mappable shortcuts to select individual Warp Modes


- It wasn’t possible to select the ComplexPro Warp mode


- new "quick edit shortcuts" : key/midi mappable buttons used to increment/decrement the clip's gain/pitch by the chosen amount.

(The increment/decrement gain value isn't exact with the Clip Gain's values below 0dB. For example a 1dB decrement below 0dB will not results in -1dB but in -1.18dB. That's because of the weird and non-linear curve Live is using to scale the clip's gain. I might fix this later on, or maybe Ableton will do it quicker than me. In any case, that really isn't a big deal, sound-wise.)


- reduced CPU usage by stoping mouse position tracking when floating window isn't displayed.

- warp mode selector was blocking Live's Undo history. It's also now shown as inactive (and can't be tweaked) when the selected clip is not warped.

- new "warp" button to un/warp from the Pitch window (for mouse only i.e not mappable)


- you can now change the Warp Mode (in the Pitch window). Audio clip only.
- new CROP button: can now crop midi clips (only)


- double click the gain fader now resets it to 0dB.

- you can't midi map the clip gain/transpose anymore. This removes the extra undo steps created by this device (and it's anyway better to midi map these directly from within Live).

- the un/warp button was blocking Live's undo history.

- some patch clean up (you might need to remap the buttons, sorry…)

- stretching a warped clip from Arrangement was slown down because of ClipGain.

- made sure pressing "WARP" doesn't do anything when no clip is selected


- Gain and Pitch can now be opened together with a single shortcut

- new WARP button that un/warps the selected clip

- after a clip was unselected by clicking in an empty area, moving the fader/knob would still change the last clip's values. This is now fixed.

- colour tweaks


- added new Pitch window for audio clip transposition

- gain and transpose are always observed so you don't need to close and re-open the windows for the values to be updated. It also means that you can keep the windows open all the time if you want.

Please rate the device here, and on maxforlive!

As usual, please use a valid email adress if you don't want to miss the device's updates. Also make sure that Gumroad emails don't go to the spams.

I want this!
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