outist / insist - bus anywhere

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outist / insist - bus anywhere

Valiumdupeuple - Useful, solid and unique M4L devices (quite ugly, though)
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Outist is a maxforlive device that lets you route any signal to any internal or external destination. 

It’s originally designed to bypass Live’s restricted returns bus routing. With Outist you can have pre and post send PER return channel.

You can also use it to send the signal to any physical output or just anywhere in your set, create feedbacks...

The download now also includes Insist... you can probably guess what it does.


- fixed the delay setting timing. There was 1 sample of delay when the delay was set to 0ms.


- added the Insist device (to select any audio source, anywhere)

- added an option to delay the Send signal.

- the dry signal (i.e the source) can now be muted.

- minor UI tweaks


- fix track chooser issue, finally!

- added Push mapping


-fix unwanted events being sent to Live's undo history


-fixed output volume; previously the output wasn't totally muted when at -inf

- fixed invisible big knob 

L10 and M4L required

free or pay what you want; even 1 euro would show your generosity, you'd help tremendously supporting my work and time for free devices updates and clean patching.

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I want this!
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