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SnapShooter - The universal Variations control that Live is missing

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(P3 version is coming asap, sorry for the delay)

L11 introduced Rack's Variations. It's an awesome feature, but Ableton didn't make it user-friendly, rendering it almost unusable.

SnapShooter, a maxforlive device, is solving this by giving you key/midi shortcuts to control the currently selected Rack's Variations. Instead of mapping every single Rack's Variations controls, you map SnapShooter once and it then becomes you "Variations control hub". Simple as that.

Of course, you also get a built-in Push implementation that doesn't interfere with its default behavior.

SnapShooter key/midi shortcuts let you:

  • navigate Variations (with the up/down buttons and/or Tempo encoder on Push)
  • save new Variations (with the New button on Push)
  • delete Variations (with the Delete button on Push)
  • randomize Macros (with the Quantize button on Push)

Set it once, save as part of your default Template, read the manual and experience a native-like control over Variations.

Requires Live 11 Suite (or a Live Standard + a M4L licence) running Max8 minimum.

3€ or more if you want.

There's a free lite version available here.

You can check the User Guide here.

to PAM users:

I have a PAM (Push-ArrangeMode) update ready, partly to make sure it doesn't conflict with SnapShooter when used from Push... but I'm currently facing a bug when exporting the device, so either wait before getting SnapShooter or beware that it will conflicts with PAM until the upcoming PAM update. Sorry.

As usual, please use a valid email adress if you don't want to miss the device's updates (free forever). Also make sure that Gumroad emails don't go to the spams. And rate the device if you like it!

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SnapShooter - The universal Variations control that Live is missing

8 ratings
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