eCo & eCo-m (v1.4.2)

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eCo (and its midi clone eCo-m) is a simple, clever CPU saving device. 

As opposed to native Live devices, 3rd party plugins and M4L devices always consume CPU even when idling... eCo solves that.

eCo is placed before the target cpu-angry device. 

When a signal enters eCo, the target device is instantly powered on. When the track's volume reaches -inf, the target device gets automatically powered off by eCo.

Place eCo BEFORE an audio plugin/audio rack.

Place eCo-m BEFORE a midi plugin/ midi rack/ instrument rack.

If you want to know what the Hold knob does, download the device and place your mouse over the knob...

Works with any Live version that supports M4L. It has not been tested with L12, and it won't be updated anymore. Imo this device made sense way back it was made, but with today's powerful CPU it doesn't really make sense.

It's free. And you can also pay what you want to support further developments. It's up to you.


added MPE compatibility


works better when moving this device and target device


- the device now works correctly when it’s inside a rack(s).


- The target device’s On/Off switch doesn’t create automation anymore when its state is changed by eCo while recording in Live (and when Global automation recording is On).


- fixed turning off the target device "randomly" i.e when not desired

- added Push mapping

- removed quotes from long target device name

v1.1: various bug fixes

The device is free/pay what you want; even 1 euro would show your generosity, you'd help tremendously supporting my work and time for free devices updates and clean patching.

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eCo & eCo-m (v1.4.2)

18 ratings
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