SnapShooter Lite - Universal Variations control

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Live 11 is here with Variations (rack snapshots)!!

But Variations have a very limited control/access - you'd need to map every rack you want to control!

So here's Snapshooter Lite

Place it on your Master track (or any track where you put your "utility" stuff), open its floating window; midi/key map its buttons, done! Now you'll gain Variations control (add/delete variations, navigate them, randomise macros...) over the selected rack.

The device has no description at the moment but it should be straightforward ;-)

It's mostly a proof-of-concept on where to start building a better implementation, so please send me your feedbacks, as the device is meant to evolve during the next weeks and I'm actually after your suggestions and ideas. 

Push implementation is in the pipeline 😉

It's free, you can pay what you want too.

Please rate the device here, and on maxforlive!

As always, please use a valid email address to make sure you'll get the updates automatically. I'm not a spammer.

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SnapShooter Lite - Universal Variations control

10 ratings