BiP (bounce in place in Ableton Live!) m4l device

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BiP (bounce in place in Ableton Live!) m4l device

Valiumdupeuple - Useful, solid and unique M4L devices (quite ugly, though)
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Everyone's waiting for a "bounce in place" feature in Ableton Live since ages.

Well, if you have M4L, here's the one-click-only solution device, with easy Push implementation.

Let's Oversampled demonstrate it:

Place the device on your master track (you can put it anywhere actually), key/midi map it, save it in your default template and you're done!

When you want to bounce something, just place your playhead on the desired track and press you key/midi mapped button - or Select+Rec on Push - done!

Also works with multiple tracks 

Automatic naming : your new bounced audio file will conveniently be named "[rsmpl] name-of-the-recorded-track".

At the moment BiP is designed to work in Arrangement view only.

VIDEO DEMO HERE and here (old BiP version)

You can check the User Guide here.

More recording modes and Destination Track options added in v1.5, check below.

Works in L9/L10/L11.

Realease notes:

v1.7 (june 2021):

- Push trigger mode setting wasn't recalled correctly

- Better Undo handling (the recording process could be re-triggered when undoing)


- unarm any armed track before BiP'ing. Way more handy!

New in v1.5:

- You can now choose the Destination Track to be:

° a user-definable track ("Custom track" + drop-down menu). This allows to always bounce on the same track, which also makes the process faster.

° the old way where a new track is created for each bounce ("New track")

- The Destination Track name is now prepend with "[bip]" if it's a single track bounce; with"[rsmpl]" if it's a multitrack bounce.

- New "master" (big BIP center button) button to RESAMPLE the master track output; i.e perfect to bounce multiple solo'ed tracks.

- you can now choose which recording mode is triggered from the Push shortcut.

New in v1.3:

- Fix a bug where the device could trigger the resampling process when launching a set on certain conditions (related to key mapping) without any user action.

New in v1.2:

- the device could work unexpectedly if the -EnableArmOnSelection option was active in Live’s Options.tx
- added a Live 9 version (separate device), it should even work in Live 8.

New in v1.1:

- You can now choose to Resample (white button), or to Bounce Post-Fx (yellow button).

- Select+Record on Push, now triggers the Bounce operation instead of Resample.

Ableton Live 9 minimum. Max8.

Free updates, for ever ;-)

Free limited version here.

3€ (VAT excl.) or more if you wish so!

Please rate the device here, and on maxforlive!

I want this!
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