BiP Free (bounce in place in Ableton Live!) m4l device

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Oversampled has demonstrate the full BiP version:

Free version limitations (check the FULL VERSION here ):

- slower than the full BiP

- no Destination Track option 

- No integrated Push mapping

- The bounced audio file will not be conveniently named. It will use the default Live's naming convention.

- Tracks won't automatically be un-armed and un-solo when the recording is done.

- No Post-Fx bounce and multiple tracks bounce options, only Resampling is available.

- No Live 9 version

- and many other goodies that's been added in the full version with every update... i.e BiP lite doesn't get updated.

Everyone's waiting for a "bounce in place" feature in Ableton Live since ages.

Well, if you have M4L, here's the one-click-only solution device, with easy Push implementation.

Place the device on your master track (you can put it anywhere actually), key/midi map its single button, save it in your default template and your done!

When you want to bounce something, just place your playhead on the desired track and press you key/midi mapped button - or Select+Rec on Push - done!

Also works with multiple tracks (just solo every desired tracks).

Automatic naming : your new bounced audio file will conveniently be named "[rsmpl] name-of-the-recorded-track".

At the moment BiP is designed to work in Arrangement view only.

Ableton Live 10 minimum.


Video demo here

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BiP Free (bounce in place in Ableton Live!) m4l device

14 ratings
I want this!